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Red Cross Workshop (November 2018)


On November 26 2018, the CLUBHOUSE team collaborated with the Zimbabwean Red Cross Society for a First Aid workshop, which was a resounding success. In all, 30 students (20 CLUBHOUSE Scholars and 10 from the Sheni Primary Red Cross Club) received the training.


Mr. Shane Gwatirisa, the CLUBHOUSE event coordinator, remarked after the event,

“The event generally went well, with a few rainfall spoils here and there. The classroom we were given by Mr Nyamangondo to use as an alternative event space served to alleviate further challenges that would have been posed by the erratic weather conditions on the day.”

Thank you to all those who helped make the event a success!

You can see the pics and video from the event here.



Community Service #2018


Due to the time constraints brought on by midterm exams and the early term-end due to the pending national elections, we decided to forego our festival this year and, in its place, do a community service event in its place.

It was a riveting success!

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Another term, Another Set of Scholarships Paid Off!

After awarding only 4 primary school scholarships last term, we are back to a full ten for the second term- 5 sixth graders from Sheni and 5 from Rujeko.

Congrats to our Scholarship Recipients:

Olpha Samapundo, Denzel Ngorima, Nokutenda Dzvene, Audrey Saunyama, Miranda Mapara (all Sheni)

Anesumwari Ngorima, Nicole Musimwa, Tinotenda Wapiya, Nicole Chidawanyika, Munashe Zivanai (All Rujeko).

In addition to our scholarship recipients, we have also appointed nine other students to be CLUBHOUSE Ambassadors. These students attend CLUBHOUSE mentoring activities, assist in organizing our community service events, and being all-round representatives to CLUBHOUSE and our principles.



Congratulations to our Ambassadors:

Sphiwe Tapambwa, Tanatswa Nyamabare, Tafadzwa Chidumba, Kennedy Phiri, Angel Sikimarira (Sheni)

Blessing Gondo, Deron Makono, Marylene Hama, Primrose (Rujeko)

Congratulations to you- you have made us proud. Thank you to all those who continue to support our mission.


Another Successful Bowling Fundraiser!

On Friday, May 11th, we collaborated with the Alumni Network of West Michigan (Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity) for the 4th annual Bowling for a Cause outing.


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Beyond The Ordinary Levels...

We recently shared a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) picture with our first ever CLUBHOUSE Scholars in 2012. Having been in 6th grade then, it dawned on us that they had now just finished their O-levels! For those not acquainted with the Cambridge high school model employed in Zimbabwe (and other places), “O-Levels” stands for the “Ordinary Level” high school education- the first pivotal moment before you do two more years known as the Advanced- or A-Levels. Although increasingly losing luster as the academic world gets more competitive and accessible, O-Levels have traditionally been a critical watershed: a coming-of-age moment. For a long time, “they’re done with school” meant finishing your O-levels, with everything that came thereafter being extra. Because they often coincided with the height of adolescence, finishing O-levels has also been proxy to transition into adulthood- albeit young. I belabor this point to say: Finishing O-Levels is somewhat of a big deal.

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