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Beyond The Ordinary Levels...

We recently shared a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) picture with our first ever CLUBHOUSE Scholars in 2012. Having been in 6th grade then, it dawned on us that they had now just finished their O-levels! For those not acquainted with the Cambridge high school model employed in Zimbabwe (and other places), “O-Levels” stands for the “Ordinary Level” high school education- the first pivotal moment before you do two more years known as the Advanced- or A-Levels. Although increasingly losing luster as the academic world gets more competitive and accessible, O-Levels have traditionally been a critical watershed: a coming-of-age moment. For a long time, “they’re done with school” meant finishing your O-levels, with everything that came thereafter being extra. Because they often coincided with the height of adolescence, finishing O-levels has also been proxy to transition into adulthood- albeit young. I belabor this point to say: Finishing O-Levels is somewhat of a big deal.

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Transition to Tradition: The Fifth Annual CLUBHOUSE Festival

How many times must you do something before it becomes a tradition?

I know, I know- there is no quantifiable way of answering that satisfactorily; but let’s venture some arguments. The first time is just that; an event. The second time earns it some sort of continuity; albeit still shaky. For example, it is the second year that makes it an “annual” event. The next couple of years ,you establish yourself.

Let me posit here that, perhaps, it is the fifth time of reckoning upon which that event, occurring routinely, becomes a tradition. Mere ruminations, but nevertheless…

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Pics from the Third Annual Bowling Fundraiser!

Since 2014, the Alumni Network of West Michigan (Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity Inc.) has held a bowling social fundraiser for the benefit of CLUBHOUSE International.

This year’s proceeds ($325) will go towards the CLUBHOUSE Festival, to be held on July 21st.

Here are some pics from the super fun event!



Sincere Condolences (And a Heartwarming Moment)

The CLUBHOUSE family extends the most heartfelt of condolences to Alex and Aleck Kuhudzai, two of our founders, who recently lost their grandmother.
If you know the twins, or know Dangamvura, then you know “Mbuya veMaTwins”. She belongs in the tradition of triumphant grandparents who assumed parenthood of the grandkids (commonplace in Dangamvura, for many reasons. She triumphed, and her success is on show daily by the exceptional men the twins she single handedly raised have become.

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Musings from the Children (Letters from the Class of 2017)

In applying for and maintaining their scholarships, the CLUBHOUSE Scholars are required to write letters and essays focusing on the hopes, challenges, and plans for their community. Here are a few of them from the class of 2017!