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May 2016 Schools Workshop


We had a great workshop at Sheni Primary School on the 17 th of May 2016, where we had an

 opportunity to meet all the new CLUBHOUSE ambassadors and scholarship recipients and also the members of staff from both Rujeko and Sheni.

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How Two became Ten... And then Some.

“The Originals”: The First Ever CLUBHOUSE Scholarship Recipients

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Recently, I was going back and forth with my good friend and director of CLUBHOUSE in Zimbabwe, Mr. Nyasha Matavire, trying to find an important letter we had attached to an email a few years ago. While that exercise in itself was rather tedious, it resulted in us digging up some of our early communication during the formative days of the organization. Much of it had us both grinning in wistful nostalgia: the least of which was not the following letter we initially sent to the schools in Mutare back in 2012.

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Introducing: The Class of 2016/17!

In September of 2012, CLUBHOUSE International gave out its first ever set os scholarships to ten students from Sheni and Rujeko Primary Schools in Dangamvura, Mutare. While we can’t pay for all the students we would want to because of financial constraints, we also introduced ‘CLUBHOUSE Ambassadors’; students who, while not receiving a scholarship, are invited to partake in all the CLUBHOUSE leadership, citizenry, and community service events.


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Bowling Fundraiser Thanks and Report

On December 27th 2015, the Sigma Lambda Beta Alumni Network of West Michigan hosted their second Annual ‘Bowling for a Cause’ event, proceeds from which were donated to our 2016 Scholarship fund.

Money raised from the event, coming in at just under $300, will make up the bulk of our first term scholarship funds. Beyond just the funds, the event was a fantastic show of friendship, fun, and competition. Our gratitude to the brothers and everyone who attended the event cannot be overstated.

Pictures from the event can be found at this link.

If anyone else would like to make a contribution to the 2016 Scholarship fund for our students in Zimbabwe, you can do so at this link.

Thank you gain, and happy New Year!


Join us for 'Bowling for a Cause 2015!" (Dec 27, 3pm)

Greetings to all our friends in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area! We would like to invite you to our second annual Bowling Fundraiser! This year, we are at Wengers Bowl on Sunday, December 27th, from 3pm-6pm.
Games are $20/person (unlimited shows/games) and 70% of the proceeds go to the CLUBHOUSE Scholarships for 2016.
(Join the event page below for more information!)

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