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Do Cyber Monday for a Cause!

Are you doing any shopping on Amazon? Would you like to donate to CLUBHOUSE without spending an additional cent?

In light of the American Thanksgiving holiday that has recently just passed, several shopping ‘holidays’ have been birthed, the least of which is not Cyber Monday!

If you are going to be shopping online today- make sure it’s through Amazon. And if it is indeed through Amazon, make sure you use our Amazon Smile link here! it is at no extra cost or inconvenience to you, but a small percentage of the proceeds will go towards the scholarships we are handing out for 2016.


Thank you for your continued support!


Shifting the Goals: Putting Girls' Soccer On a Level Field

By Mr. Musa Milupi- Executive Director (CLUBHOUSE USA)

Sport has the power to change the world in way that little else can. The words of Nelson Mandela will always be a powerful reality, as seen in Mutare with the annual festival that saw CLUBHOUSE debut girls’ soccer with a game between Sheni and Rujeko primary schools; a groundbreaking move. Around the globe opportunities for young girls to be involved in recreational activities are still fewer than those for young males; the encouragement for them to do so is even more scarce. This has nothing to do with the motivation to participate in an activity any girl desires – it has everything to do with the encouragement and support. Given the opportunity and inspiration – as CLUBHOUSE did with the girls at Sheni and Rujeko primary schools – girls can get the chance to see the power that moving beyond societal confinements has. The girls’ soccer game between the mentioned schools was fiercely contested, raising spirts and feeding the passion of all the students, officials, and community members; a testament to what girls can do for communities given the opportunity from a young age.  

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100 000 Poets for Change- Grand Rapids

This Saturday, September 26 2015, CLUBHOUSE International co-hosts ‘100 000 Poets for Change- Grand Rapids’ together with community revilatization organization, LINC Up. The event is part of an international effort (570 events in 100+ countries on the same day!!) to artistically adress matters of ‘social justice, peace, and sustainability.

While our primary mission is community development in impoverished Zimbabwean communities, we are ever so honored to be part of something much larger than ourselves. We are also excited to be hosting this event for the city which graciously hosts our headquarters, Grand Rapids Michigan!

If you are in the area, we hope to see you then!

(More info, visit the event page on facebook here!)


The Other Important Day...

By Mr. Shingi Mavima (CLUBHOUSE International Director)Sentiments on the 2015 CLUBHOUSE Festival

‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”- Mark Twain

I have always felt I owed an overwhelming debt to Dangamvura, the (subjectively) idyllic Mutare neighborhood in which I grew up. An upbringing that heavily emphasized philanthropy and an opportunity at travel and education that allowed me to witness a more holistic spectrum of suffering as well as continuously garner ideas for the uplift of our people only added to said debt.  At the tail end of 2011, as I sat up in my college apartment, I decided it was time to begin repaying. Countless hours of writing, delirium-inducing discussion, and innumerable phone calls and e-mails later, CLUBHOUSE International was born.

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A Society's Handicap...

The Importance of Re-Evaluating our Views and Treatment of Disability

By Nyasha Matavire (Exec Director, CLUBHOUSE Zimbabwe)


Sometimes when I make my Mutare trips to visit the kids on my own, I go by bus and travelling by bus in 
Zimbabwe is quite an experience. You encounter a lot of things and sometimes you have to endure a lot 
of discomfort: what with the roadblocks; the heat in the bus; the many stops; the mothers who just can’t 
seem to stop eating and feeding their children! Things are even worse when you get a seat by the aisle, 
you will have to dodge everyone coming in and getting out of the bus during the many stops. You also, 
however, learn a lot during these rides.

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