Mr. Blessing Shingirirai Mavima (PhD, African American/African Studies: Michigan State University ‘19)

 International Executive Director


Shingi Mavima

Shingi Mavima is the founding director of CLUBHOUSE International. Shingi was born and raised in Zimbabwe, attending Sheni Primary, one of our beneficiary schools, in his early childhood. He arrived in the USA in 2006, and has since obtained a B.A in International Relations and Masters in International Affairs from Grand Valley State and Penn State Universities respectively. He is currently a doctoral student in African/African Studies at Michigan State University. Shingi is also a published poet and the co-founder and Editor of online international affair forum, the Rogue Scholar Society.






Mr. Musa Milupi

Executive Director of Marketing (USA)


Musa MilupiMusa Milupi is a co-founding director of CLUBHOUSE International. He was born and raised in Zambia, moving to Michigan USA in 2009 for post-secondary education at Grand Valley State University. Studying Sport Management Musa transferred to George Mason University in Fairfax VA, where he earned his B.S in Sport Management. Having previously served under FIFA, he is also the current the Makerting and Sponsorship Manager for Pro-Elite Sport Management.







Mr. Fungai Mboko

Director of Fund Development (USA)

Fungai MbokoFungai Mboko who serves as CLUBHOUSE International’s Director of Fund Development in the USA was born and raised in Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare. Accident of birth placed him with a family that traveled a fair amount and from an early age became aware of socio-economic differences. At 22, Mboko is currently pursuing degrees in dual Business Administration with communication and political science at Aquinas college. In addition to his studies Mboko has volunteered time and worked with: The World Affairs Council of Western Michigan, The West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Centre and most recently completed an internship at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) directly under Margaret Mayce chair on the NGO committee for economic and social development.


Ms. Mishelle Shylette Mavima.

Board Director (USA)

Mishelle Mavima

I am very excited to be a part of this amazing journey that we are all about to take on. My name is Mishelle Shylette Mavima and I am currently based in Michigan.I was born and raised in Mbizo Kwekwe. I currently work full-time for a Tourism and Hospitality company.

I have experienced what most of the kids in the ghetto experience at a very young age and my background is reason enough for me to be concerned for the less privileged.






Mr. Yakem Kurban

Board Member (USA)

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Yakem KurbanYakem Kurban is committed to building the capacity of non-profits that provide educational opportunities for the under-served. As an immigrant from Eritrea (for those that don’t know—think ‘horn of Africa’) and a former Catholic Central High School athlete he can truly empathize in our mission to “advance African communities through education, sports, and community.” He attended the University of Michigan with a double-major in Economics and Entrepreneurial Studies and resides in Detroit where he works as an Analyst. During his free time he helps with Detroit non-profits (including Freedom House Detroit), pursues his crazy entrepreneurial ideas, and can be spotted leisurely riding his speed bike around the Detroit neighborhood.


Ms. Samantha Lemmer

Board Member (USA)

Samantha LemmerSam Lemmer graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.A. in International Relations and an emphasis on African Studies.  She currently works in the mental health field and is attending Western Michigan University to obtain her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  In addition to her studies, Sam spends time leading natural health workshops for adolescent girls at Wedgewood Christian Services and working with children and mothers at the YWCA.